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By combining our data, we'll predict battery health across all electric vehicles

Join our research panel of 1000s of drivers to get an individualized battery report that gives you insight on how your car is performing and what you can do to minimize battery degradation.
Participate in our research to receive a monthly report to see how your EV and its battery are performing
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Like your phone, EV batteries degrade over time

Factors like temperature, age, charging habits, driving style and battery chemistry all impact your battery performance. You can't only look at the odometer to gauge EV battery health!

We help provide transparency on where your car stands today.

How Recurrent Works

To get the recommended monthly report, connect your car once through our partner Smartcar - we review 4 data points daily to build your report! Alternatively, you can get a one-time report by taking some pictures of your car's dashboard. Whichever the choice, we'll guide you to the right report in a few easy steps.

We compare your car to similar vehicles to measure how it’s doing! We have thousands of cars in our fleet that gives us the confidence to compare your vehicle quickly and accurately to our industry standard. Dive deeper with our FAQ.

The more people that join our fleet, the more data we have to create predictive algorithms for any car’s future battery life. Recurrent is using this data to provide transparency for car buyers when purchasing a used EV. Our goal is to make EV buying accessible so even more EVs end up on the road!

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We believe in a world where anyone can confidently buy a used EV without worrying about its battery degradation.

Recurrent is on a research initiative to build predictive models; the report is 100% free so we can learn from as many vehicles as possible. Help us get even more electric vehicles on the road and feel confident in your own car’s health too!