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General Information

Who is Recurrent?

Recurrent provides vehicle and battery analysis reports for electric vehicles to increase transparency and confidence in EVs. We help prospective electric car buyers get comfortable with pre-owned vehicles, and help owners make sure they are taking the best care possible of their car. We are supported by a National Science Foundation and partner with well known automotive groups like AAA Washington. You can learn more about us here.

What kind of EV reports are offered?

As of August 2021, we offer a monthly automated report using an API connection and a one-time photo-certified report using manually entered data points and dashboard photos.

Note that shoppers are only eligible for the one-time report at this time. You will need a VIN for either report so we can determine specifics about vehicle trim and battery.

Can I get a vehicle report if I don't own it?

Yes! As long as you have the vehicle’s VIN and access to the dashboard to take some photos, we can generate a certified report for you. Monthly reports are only available for owners because a subscription to the vehicle’s connected services is required.

How do you generate these reports?

Recurrent uses machine learning models that incorporate data from your particular vehicle, along with prediction models built from thousands of other cars, to generate our reports.

How much do the reports cost?

Our reports are completely free for drivers! We use the data you input to refine and improve our prediction models, and you get a nifty report to help you understand your (current or future) EV.

Which EVs are eligible for a battery report?

Eligibility depends on the type of report you desire. Here is an overview of vehicle eligibility.

How are you using my data? What about my privacy?

The data collected for battery reports is about your vehicle, not about you. As part of the signup process, we ask for your home zip code to determine the temperatures your vehicle is exposed to — that’s important information for battery health analysis. But we do not track where you’re driving, just the battery’s state and your overall mileage. As a part of our data science work, your vehicle’s data will only be used in aggregate to train a machine learning model used to score EVs that are listed for sale. Your vehicle’s data will never be used or disseminated individually without your permission

Monthly Reports

What is the monthly battery report?

The monthly battery report is Recurrent’s original, free battery report. You connect your vehicle to our database via a secure API connection, and we pull battery data a few times a day to learn about your specific battery. Predictive machine learning models inform you about your battery today and in the future through monthly reports.

What do I need to get a monthly report?

To get a monthly report, you will need a subscription to your car’s connected services. Sometimes this subscription is free, and sometimes there is a monthly fee. You can check eligibility requirements or ask us any questions.

You will also need to have your VIN handy, so we can pull trim and battery size details about your car. This is to make sure we compare apples to apples in our models.

Who is Smartcar?

Smartcar enables Recurrent to connect to your car through industry-standard end-to-end 256-bit encryption to ensure that your vehicle data and credentials are transmitted securely. Smartcar securely handles and encrypts your login credentials and does not share them with Recurrent. Recurrent is only granted the ability to access the data listed on the permissions page during the connection process.

How are you generating the monthly report? What data do you use?

Recurrent uses machine learning models to generate the data in our monthly report. Once you authenticate your vehicle, Recurrent will be able to connect directly to your vehicle to request specific data: VIN, current odometer, current state of charge, current charging status and current range estimate. Recurrent will typically make these data requests 1-3 times per day to build up a historical profile.

We use the data we get from your car, along with the data we have from thousands of other drivers, to give you current range estimates at different temperatures, a three-year projected range estimate, and a prediction of your vehicle's range over time compared to similar vehicles. We also track charge levels. Here you can read more about monthly reports.

When will I get the monthly report?

You will get your monthly reports on or around the first of every month. Your very first report will arrive after we have a full month of data for you.

Which vehicles are eligible for monthly reports?

You can check eligibility requirements here.

Is it safe to give you my subscription login? Can you control my car?

Recurrent does not store the email or password for your vehicle subscription anywhere. Instead, when you connect your car, you log in once to create an authentication token that allows us to get data without needing your password. The unique authorization token uses industry-standard protocol known as OAuth 2.0. Your credentials and authorization token are always transmitted using end-to-end 256-bit encryption.

Why are my vehicle credentials not working?

This is one of the biggest issues we run into. Generally, the login and password you use for your Recurrent account will be different from the login and password you use to connect to your car’s app. We can help you reset your Recurrent credentials, but we cannot help with your vehicle login - sorry! Your vehicle credentials are the same that you use to log into your car’s Android or iOS application. Use the "Reset Password" link if you’ve forgotten your password, or the "Don’t have an account?" link to learn how to set one up for the first time.

How do I reactivate my connected services subscription or know which connected service I need?

If you want to continue receiving monthly battery reports, you will need an active connected services subscription. This subscription is separate from Recurrent, and may be provided by or linked to your car manufacturer’s app. You can check which connected services account is required for your vehicle here. Depending on what sort of car you have, your connected services account may be free or require a fee. We wish they were all free!

Recurrent uses the data sharing features of your subscription to automatically pull battery info, which is why the subscription must be active. You can renew your subscription or update the level of your account by logging in to the app or website associated with the service.

Why is the connection taking a long time?

If the “Establishing Connection” message stays on the screen for a long time, try closing the Smartcar connection window and repeating the connection process - it should go through within 30-60 seconds. If not, please reach out to

What if it says "No Compatible Vehicles Found" after sign in? 

If you see “No Compatible Vehicles found” after logging in, this means that none of the vehicles currently on your account are compatible with our connection service. If you believe this is in error, please contact us since it may be an easy fix!

Can I sign up if I lease my car?

Yes. As long as you have access to your vehicle's connected services account, you can sign up. Knowing your battery health just before the end of your lease can help you decide whether to buy it outright or return it.

Do you support multi-factor authentication for Tesla vehicles?

Yes. If you have enabled multi-factor authentication on your Tesla account, you'll be prompted to authenticate during the connection process. If you’re having any trouble with MFA, just get in touch

One-time Reports

What is the one-time report?

A one-time battery report is a photo-verified report that requires you to upload a few photos of your car’s dashboard and enter a few data points. It uses the data you provided, along with the data we have from thousands of other drivers, to give you current range estimates at different temperatures, three-year projected range estimate, and prediction of your vehicle's range over time compared to similar vehicles.

Why do people want a one-time report?

Both car shoppers and car owners use our one-time reports to understand an EV battery. Shoppers may use these reports to understand the battery condition in a potential car, or to compare vehicles. Owners or lease holders may use these reports to demonstrate the care they have taken of their EV.

What vehicles are eligible for a one-time report?

You can check eligibility requirements here.

Why do you need my VIN? Where can I find it?

We use a vehicle’s VIN to determine trim level, battery size, and other details about your car. A VIN is generally not considered sensitive or private information and it is safe and common to share it. You can find your VIN on your dashboard sticker, inside your driver side door, or in your insurance documents.

How can I get a report? What do I need?

Visit the add vehicle page to start the process of getting a report. First, make sure the car is charged! It doesn’t have to be all the way at 100%, but the higher charge, the more accurate the results. Once the car is charged, it should take around 10 minutes.

We suggest using a mobile device for one-time reports since you will need to take a picture of the dashboard. You will also need to have the car’s VIN. Expect the process to take around 10 minutes once the vehicle is charged. 

Once I run a report, is the report publicly available?

Your battery report will not be publicly available but we will store the data associated with your VIN for future reference.

Can I create a report for the same vehicle more than once?

You are welcome to redo reports as often as desired but you will not see much change over short amounts of time, so we do not recommend getting reports more often than once a month.

Why do I have to take pictures and input data?

We ask for photo verification for several reasons. First, we all make typos! A photo allows us to catch mistakes and verify reports that look anomalous.

Secondly, we are developing a tool that can automatically read dashboard data and we need photos for that! Soon, you may not need to enter anything at all to get your report.

How do I get my report? Can I access it later?

Your report will be stored in your Recurrent dashboard, which is automatically created when you set up an account with us. We will also email you a copy.

The vehicle got a bad rating. What now?

Never fear! If this is your car, check out our research section for tips and tricks to keep your battery as healthy as possible. If you’re shopping for an EV, consider whether this vehicle will meet your range and lifestyle needs, or if the battery is still under warranty.

Other Issues?

Contact us at and we’ll help you find an answer or solution. Thank you for your help and patience!