Having Trouble Getting Connected?

Here are some common issues and how to resolve them. Contact us at research-support@recurrentauto.com if this doesn’t help. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Vehicle Credentials Not Working

The credentials you use to log in will be the same credentials you use to log into your car’s Android or iOS application. Use the "Reset Password" link if you’ve forgotten your password, or the "Don’t have an account?" link to learn how to set one up for the first time.

Connection Taking Forever

If the “Establishing Connection” message stays on the screen for long time, try closing the Smartcar connection window and repeating the connection process - it should go through within 30-60 seconds.

Subscription Required

To participate in Recurrent’s Research Fleet, you have to have an active connected services subscription with your auto manufacturer. Typically this is the standard/base tier, but plans vary by manufacturer. If your subscription isn’t active, you’ll be able to follow instructions to set it up/renew it with your manufacturer and then connect your vehicle.

Vehicle Compatibility

If you see “No Compatible Vehicles found” after logging in, this means that none of the vehicles currently on your account are compatible with our connection service. Double-check that your vehicle is listed on our supported make-model-year combinations.

Older Web Browser?

If you haven’t updated your web browser in a while, you may run into odd problems with the connection process. Try the signup process on your phone instead or update your browser. We support the latest versions of Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Any other issues?

Contact us at research-support@recurrentauto.com and we’ll help you through the connection process. Thank you for your help and patience!