Battery Reports for Electric Cars

Essential insight into any used EV
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Odometers count miles, not battery health

Like your phone, EV batteries degrade over time. Factors like temperature, age, charging habits, driving style and battery chemistry all impact battery performance. Recurrent provides transparency so you can have confidence in your EV and its battery.
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Check the battery range and performance of your next EV with a one-time vehicle report. This snapshot helps people shop for and buy used electric cars.
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Connect your car once and we take care of the rest. We monitor 4 data points daily to build your monthly report - that’s it!

Reports also compare your car to similar vehicles to measure how it’s doing.
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Buy and sell electric vehicles with confidence.
You can analyze incoming cars and use the reports to educate customers in person and online.
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We support the leading EV manufacturers

Recurrent creates reports for 45 different EV makes and models. If your vehicle is not supported today, sign up to join our waitlist and we'll let you know when you can get your first report.
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