The Best Way to Buy Used Electric Cars

Shopping for an electric car? Get a free battery report before you buy.
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If you're a dealer, please check out our dealer details page. If you are a current EV owner, consider adding your vehicle to our research fleet.

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recurrent For Dealers

We provide car dealers and private party buyers with vehicle reports for used electric cars.

Understanding the battery health and typical ranges of electric cars as they age is more complicated. And it's more important than knowing the odometer reading.

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join our research fleet

If you’re a current electric car owner and enthusiast, we need your help!

We’re collaborating with academic researchers to develop machine learning algorithms to predict future battery life and range across all electric vehicle (EV) models.

We are assembling 1000 volunteers who currently drive electric cars and are willing to share anonymous access to their vehicle data over time, so we can observe battery state and range estimates in a variety of weather conditions and driving situations.

By participating, you will get monthly individualized battery reports for free.

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Recurrent aims to help buyers get a better idea of battery life in a used electric vehicle


New startup Recurrent brings transparency to EV batteries, reducing risk in used car shopping


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