The Electric Vehicle Battery Report

"I would never buy a used electric car without one."
— Your future customer

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Are you an EV shopper looking for a battery report?

Recurrent provides car dealers with the tools you need to buy and sell electric cars with confidence.

Analyze Incoming Vehicles

Understand battery life and current max range. Any make, model and year electric vehicle. Know what you’re getting on trade-ins and auctions, know what you should pay and justify it.

Educate Online Shoppers

Generate branded buyer reports for your website and marketplace listings. Online shoppers get educated and comfortable with used electric cars, and turn into high-converting leads for your dealership.

Easy Snap-and-Post System

Non-invasive, quick test using vehicle data and history, we compare each vehicle to 1000’s of cars in our national database.


The Electric Vehicle Battery Report

Our vehicle report is designed to educate and answer electric car buyer’s top questions around battery condition, the range they can expect in different weather conditions, and how the battery will hold up over time.

Third-party Ratings on Your Website

The badge brings trust by appearing on your VDP or SRP with a battery rating and link for more details. We’re pre-integrated with major dealership website software or can provide easy code for your IT team to add in minutes.

Range & Battery Analysis Dashboard

Every electric car in your inventory, and those that you are evaluating at auction, trade-in or lease return, are all in one place on your dealership’s electric vehicle dashboard. 

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Build EV Expertise on Staff

Easily understandable information for your staff, to educate and demystify the battery “black box” and ultimately unblock sales.

Dealership Pricing

We charge a simple monthly subscription based on EV volume. Contact us for details.


How does it work?

We use a non-invasive, quick test using each vehicle’s history and battery data, comparing it to 1000’s of other cars in our database. Our team of battery scientists has developed a machine learning algorithm to provide the best battery health and range predictions across all makes and models.

What do I have to do operationally to use this?

At launch, we’ll get integrated with your website provider and/or inventory feed. All supported electric cars in your inventory are scored automatically with score badges surfaced on your website inventory listing pages. For cars that you’re evaluating (trade-ins, auctions, lease returns), there’s a simple online interface that we provide to analyze and score these vehicles so you know what you’re getting.

How does this compare to what the manufacturers provide?

Different auto manufacturers provide different levels of information on their dashboards, through plug-in diagnostics or through third party applications. We provide simple apples-to-apples comparisons across every manufacturer in one place.

What information is on the report?

You hear the questions from your customers all the time if you’re selling electric cars. “How’s the battery on this thing?” “How much range does this still have?” “When will I have to replace the battery?” Our report is designed to answer all these common questions that come from used electric car buyers.

Which makes and models are supported?

We currently support all make-model battery electric and plug-in hybrid models with more than 10,000 units potentially in the active used market (model years 2010 – 2019). We’re adding more vehicle types over time.

Are you an EV shopper looking for a battery report?

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