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Recurrent Reports & Range Score

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Recurrent Reports

In order to help people buy better used electric cars, we produce detailed battery and range reports, called Recurrent Reports, to take the guesswork out of the most common question, “How’s the battery?”

Range Score

Range Score compares a vehicle’s current expected range to what was normal when new. For example, a Range Score of 90 means that we expect the vehicle to get 90% of its original range.
Used electric vehicles experience range degradation based on a number of factors and mileage is not the main source. The calendar age of a battery, charging behavior, and location history are all important factors in degradation, and the complexity of the calculation means that few used EVs have exactly the same battery health.

In order to help you and your customers buy better used EVs, Recurrent produces battery range reports, called Recurrent Reports, to take the guesswork out of the buying process.

If you want to understand how Recurrent examines thousands of electric cars each day to determine the remaining range that you and your customers can expect from a used EV, read the frequently asked questions below. 

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Recurrent Report FAQ