Used EV Battery Condition Reports

Range reports help you understand the battery condition of a specific car and know what to pay. Enter some vehicle information, take a couple dashboard photos, and get an instant report for free.

EV Battery Analysis

Our reports help you to evaluate used electric cars whether you are the buyer or the seller. Reports cover important topics like:

  • Expected typical range today
  • How range will change in different conditions
  • How that range will change over time

We compare the car you're looking at with thousands of connected electric cars on the road and the millions of data points they provide.

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How it works

Recurrent's shopping reports are currently in Early Access, with limited model support:

To get a free report, you'll need to have access to the vehicle at above 40% state of charge. We'll guide you through a few dashboard photos with your smart phone and you'll have a range report within minutes.

Looking for a different car?

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Our Goal
We believe in a world where anyone can confidently buy a used EV without worrying about its battery degradation.