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Why check the range of a used electric car?

Electric vehicle range can decrease over time as batteries get older. You wouldn’t buy a car without checking its accident history, so don’t buy a car without checking it’s expected range today and in the future.
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Real world range personalized to your customers geography
Real world range personalized to your customers geography
Real world range personalized to your customers geography

Recurrent Range Score

Recurrent Reports answer the most common questions of used EV shoppers. Each report combines a vehicle’s history and range data, comparing it to thousands of other cars in the Recurrent database.
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How to get a Recurrent Report

Range Score compares a vehicle’s current max range to the original range for that make, model, and battery pack configuration. For example, a Range Score of 96 means that the vehicle is expected to get 96% of its original range.
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Your electric car is much more sophisticated than your mobile phone or laptop. Download this 14-page guide to EV range and battery degradation.
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Used EV Tax Credit: Everything You Need to Know

Check in here as we update all things related to the used EV tax credit, including a list of current vehicles that will likely be available based on price and model year, and any legislative updates.
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“Amazing job on all the information. As a person that loves data, your reports are absolutely amazing!”
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“I hope Recurrent goes gangbusters. It’s an incredibly valuable service.”
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