Battery Reports for EV Owners

Join our community of 6,000 drivers to get individualized monthly battery reports that give you insight on how your EV is performing and what you can do to minimize battery degradation.

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Monitor Vehicle Health

Anonymous vehicle data is combined with thousands of other cars to predict battery life and range.

Privacy & Security First

Data is handled securely with end-to-end encryption. You review and grant each permission.

Automated Reporting

Connect once and we do the rest. Reports arrive each month and you can disconnect at any time.

Our goal

We want it to be easier for people to buy and own electric cars. That requires each driver to be able to have confidence in the battery health of their EV.

How does it work?

Connect securely to authorize access to 4 data points that are analyzed daily.

Charging Status
EV Battery Level
Range Estimate

Is my car eligible?

Most major EV models are supported, but there are some year restrictions. You’ll also need an active connected services account. We’ll double check your car’s eligibility as part of the signup process.

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What will I learn?

There is strength in numbers. Comparing your electric vehicle with similar models and years gives you confidence in battery health along with personalized tips on how to improve it.


total vehicles


different make/models

Still have questions?

Read the FAQ for more information or contact our support team for help connecting your EV to Recurrent.

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