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Receive personalized battery analysis for your electric vehicle.

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Monitor Vehicle Health

Anonymous vehicle data is combined with thousands of other cars to predict battery life and range.

Privacy & Security First

Data is handled securely with end-to-end encryption. You review and grant each permission.

Automated Reporting

Connect once and we do the rest. Reports arrive each month and you can disconnect at any time.

Our goal

We want it to be easier for people to buy and own electric cars. That requires each driver to be able to have confidence in the battery health of their EV.

How does it work?

Connect securely through Smartcar to authorize access to 4 data points that are analyzed daily.

Charging Status
EV Battery Level
Range Estimate

Is my car eligible?

Most major EV models are supported, but there are some year restrictions. You’ll also need an active connected services account. We’ll double check your car’s eligibility as part of the signup process.

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What will I learn?

There is strength in numbers. Comparing your electric vehicle with similar models and years gives you confidence in battery health along with personalized tips on how to improve it.


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what ev drivers are saying

Just got my first battery report from Recurrent. So great to know that the effort I put into taking care of my battery is paying off!

Tesla Model S Owner, Washington

This is a great idea on several fronts. I currently lease a Chevy Volt and my lease is up in May of 2021. Battery longevity is a concern as I consider whether I buy the car or turn it in.

Chevy Volt Owner, Massachusetts

I printed out the reports and showed them to the new buyer. It helped alleviate his concern about batteries rapidly losing range.

Tesla Model S Owner, California

LOVE my first monthly battery report from the @RecurrentAuto team!! Twitter high-five to this #SeattleStartup! #gasfreesince2020

Audi E-Tron Owner, Washington


Who is Recurrent?

Recurrent Motors Inc is a startup that provides vehicle and battery analysis reports for electric vehicles to provide drivers and buyers with the transparency and confidence they need with their EV.

Who is Smartcar?

Smartcar enables Recurrent to connect to your car through industry-standard end-to-end 256-bit encryption to ensure that your vehicle data and credentials are transmitted securely. Smartcar securely handles and encrypts your login credentials and does not share them with Recurrent. Recurrent is only granted the ability to access the data listed on the permissions page during the connection process.

What data are you collecting?

Once you authenticate your vehicle, Recurrent will be able to connect directly to your vehicle to request specific data: VIN, current odometer, current state of charge, current charging status and current range estimate. Recurrent will typically make these data requests 1-3 times per day to build up a historical profile.

Why do you need this data?

EV batteries last for a long time, but like your iPhone, their capacity fades over time. Complex factors like temperature, age, cycle count, charging type, driving style, battery chemistry and layout, influence how that occurs. It’s not just the odometer, like it is with combustion engine vehicles. We’ll help prospective used EV buyers get comfortable with the idea of purchasing a battery that has been used by giving them transparency. To do that, we need your help. We’re aggregating data from 1000’s of vehicles across all manufacturers to create predictive algorithms for any car’s future battery life.

Is my car eligible to participate?

Most major EV models are supported, but there are some year restrictions. You’ll also need an active connected services account. We’ll double check your car’s eligibility as part of the signup process. Currently supported (as of July 2020): Tesla Model 3, S, X; Nissan Leaf 2016 and later; BMW i3 2017 and later, X5, i8, 5-series plug-in, 3-series plug-in; Ford Fusion Energi 2019 and later; Chevy Volt, Bolt, Spark; VW e-Golf; Jaguar I-Pace; Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in; Audi e-tron, Audi A3 Plug In.

Check eligibility

Can I sign up if I lease my car?

Yes. As long as you have access to your vehicle's (link to the eligibility modal) connected services account (end link), you can sign up. Knowing your battery health just before the end of your lease can help you decide whether to buy it outright or return it.

Do you support multi-factor authentication for Tesla vehicles?

Yes. If you have enabled multi-factor authentication on your Tesla account, you'll be prompted to authenticate during the connection process.

What is the process of connecting my car?

This process uses the credentials you provide to your car’s connected services account (such as Nissan Connect EV, BMW ConnectedDrive, Tesla’s API, etc). Once you authenticate your car, you will be presented with the limited list of data that Recurrent will be allowed to access. This is a similar connection and granular permissions approach used by other popular third party apps (e.g. Remote for Tesla and TeslaStats). After accepting the permissions page, you’re finished and will receive a confirmation email from Recurrent. You don’t need to do anything else to continue data sharing on an ongoing basis.

If I change my mind later about being in the research panel, how can I revoke permission?

You can disconnect and revoke your authorization at any time by visiting our Disconnect page. We won’t be able to send you monthly battery comparison reports if we can’t continue to observe your battery.

Is this safe? What happens with my vehicle login credentials after I enter them?

Your credentials are not stored by Recurrent or Smartcar. They are used only once to generate a unique authorization token via an industry-standard protocol known as OAuth 2.0. This token is then used by Recurrent for all future data requests. Your credentials and authorization token are always transmitted using end-to-end 256-bit encryption.

What about my privacy?

The data collected for monthly battery reports is about your vehicle, not about you. As part of the signup process, we ask for your home zip code to determine the temperatures your vehicle is exposed to — that’s important information for battery health analysis. But we do not track where you’re driving, just the battery’s state and your overall mileage. As a part of our data science work, your vehicle’s data will only be used in aggregate to train a machine learning model used to score EVs that are listed for sale. Your vehicle’s data will never be used or disseminated individually without your permission.

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