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You’ve been selected to be one of AAA Washington’s first EV drivers to receive personalized EV battery health reports.

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Help Our Research Work

Your anonymized data will be used with 1000’s of others to improve data science algorithms that predict battery life and range.

Privacy & Security First

Your data is handled securely with end-to-end encryption. You'll review a list of permissions before granting access.

Automated Data Sharing

Once you connect your car once, we pull data automatically. No additional effort, disconnect anytime.

REcurrent's Mission

By providing more transparency and confidence in pre-owned electric car transactions, we will accelerate the overall adoption of electric vehicles. This is key to reducing the 20% of U.S. carbon emissions that are currently produced by light-duty combustion engine vehicles.

How does it work?

To get started, you'll securely connect your vehicle with our partner Smartcar to authorize us to access 4 data points from your car daily.

Charging Status
EV Battery Level
Range Estimate

Is my car eligible?

Most major EV models are supported, but there are some year restrictions. You’ll also need an active connected services account. We’ll double check your car’s eligibility as part of the signup process.

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How do I benefit?

There’ll be more EV drivers on the road with you in the long-term! Besides that, you’ll receive monthly battery reports for your vehicle for as long as you own it and continue to share data with us.


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what ev drivers are saying

Just got my first battery report from Recurrent. So great to know that the effort I put into taking care of my battery is paying off!

Tesla Model S Owner, Washington

This is a great idea on several fronts. I currently lease a Chevy Volt and my lease is up in May of 2021. Battery longevity is a concern as I consider whether I buy the car or turn it in.

Chevy Volt Owner, Massachusetts

I printed out the reports and showed them to the new buyer. It helped alleviate his concern about batteries rapidly losing range.

Tesla Model S Owner, California

LOVE my first monthly battery report from the @RecurrentAuto team!! Twitter high-five to this #SeattleStartup! #gasfreesince2020

Audi E-Tron Owner, Washington