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EV 101 For Dealer Teams

Learning how to be a successful used EV dealership can be intimidating. Many of the lessons that we learned from years of combustion engineare different.
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Learning about EVs is even harder when the student is supposed to be the teacher. For most car dealership employees, our customers are coming to us for answers. Except many of us are also asking the questions.

Many of the dealerships we meet say they are not yet prepared for used electric cars or the questions that they are getting from customers.

That's why we are excited to introduce this EV 101 program for dealership teams. It's an 8-week email series designed by PhDs and battery scientists at Recurrent to help everyone – experienced or inexperienced – learn about EVs and how to educate used car buyers.

Series Description

The course’s goal is simple: We want it to be easier for everyone to buy or sell used electric cars. While this series is designed for dealerships, we also have a course for individual owners. But in this business-focused course, here's what we cover over 8 weekly emails.

Why is valuation changing for electric cars?
How does an EV battery work?
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What things keep a battery healthy?
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How can I verify a battery before buying or selling?
What should I know about battery warranties?

The answers to these questions don’t need to be as dense as they might seem. Selling electric cars should be fun, and we’ll do our best to make this email series as approachable as possible.

Who Is Recurrent?

We are a team of battery scientists and early EV adopters. We live and breath electric cars and their batteries. We offer battery wellness reports for EV owners and car dealerships.