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Range transparency for the PlugInsights community

Join our research panel of 1000s of drivers to get an individualized battery report that gives you insight on how your car is performing and what you can do to minimize battery degradation.
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Like your phone, EV batteries degrade over time

Factors like temperature, age, charging habits, driving style and battery chemistry all impact your battery performance. You can't only look at the odometer to gauge EV battery health! We help provide transparency on where your car stands today.

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How Recurrent Works

Connect your car

Connect once and Recurrent will review several data points daily to build your report. You only need to authenticate once - through Smartcar encryption - and we do the rest.

Make your comparison

We compare your car to similar vehicles to measure how it’s doing! We have 15,000 of cars connected to give us the confidence to compare your vehicle quickly and accurately. Dive deeper with our FAQ.

Join the community

Use your data to learn from other passionate EV drivers in the Recurrent community, including access to battery scientists and other EV experts. Together we can buy, drive and sell electric cars, positively.

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Just got my first battery report from Recurrent. So great to know that the effort I put into taking care of my battery is paying off!
Tesla Owner, Washington
This is a great idea on several fronts. I currently lease a Chevy Volt and my lease is up in May of 2021. Battery longevity is a concern as I consider whether I buy the car or turn it in.
Chevy Volt Owner, Massachusetts
I printed out the reports and showed them to the new buyer. It helped alleviate his concern about batteries rapidly losing range.
Tesla Model S Owner, California