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Studying EV range and values with PlugInsights members

Enter your car’s information to get a Range Score that compares how much the range has decreased from original for that make, model, and battery. While this is only a pilot, we can connect you to EV experts if you're ready to sell your car!
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Like your phone, EV batteries degrade over time

Factors like temperature, age, charging habits, driving style and battery chemistry all impact your battery performance. You can't only look at the odometer to gauge EV battery health! We help provide transparency on where your car stands today.

How It Works

175 million miles

All battery research at Recurrent is based on 175 million recorded EV miles, and counting! Over 10,000 EV drivers contribute each month.

Backed by Range Score

Compare your car to thousands of others using a Range Score that is optimized for EVs. No more guessing on what makes an EV great.

Sell for more

A better battery should fetch a higher price. Your vehicle’s recommended Battery Adjustment is our best guess at the additional value based on your Range Score.

We need your help!

We believe in a world where anyone can confidently buy a used EV without worrying about its battery degradation.

Recurrent is on a research initiative to build predictive models; the report is 100% free so we can learn from as many vehicles as possible. Help us get even more electric vehicles on the road and feel confident in your own car’s health too!


We’ve helped thousands have confidence in their EVs

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Just got my first battery report from Recurrent. So great to know that the effort I put into taking care of my battery is paying off!
Tesla Owner, Washington
This is a great idea on several fronts. I currently lease a Chevy Volt and my lease is up in May of 2021. Battery longevity is a concern as I consider whether I buy the car or turn it in.
Chevy Volt Owner, Massachusetts
I printed out the reports and showed them to the new buyer. It helped alleviate his concern about batteries rapidly losing range.
Tesla Model S Owner, California