Used EV Credits & New Dealership Opportunities

As EV interest reaches all-time highs, a new bill plans to offer the first direct-to-consumer federal assistance dedicated to used EVs. This webinar explores what market changes you can expect and how to prepare your dealership for success.
  • 30 minutes
  • December 13, 2022
  • 11:30 pm Pacific Time
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Webinar Topics

This webinar covers a lot in 30 minutes. From summarizing everything that dealerships should know about the proposed used EV tax credit to projecting how it will impact demand for used cars, we will be answering  the common questions that dealers are asking about this bill, including:

How will tax credits impact demand?
How is this Used ev tax credit different?
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Which EVs are eligible at each tier?
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What should we know about used EV batteries?
How should we be preparing for this tax credit?

Join us on August 22nd for an informative and thought-provoking 30 minutes. If you have any questions between now and then, please send a note to

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