Introducing A Dashboard For EV Monthly Reports

July 1, 2022

Introducing A Dashboard For EV Monthly Reports

I’m thrilled to introduce an improved experience for Recurrent’s monthly insights for EV owners. A ton of brains and brawn went into this release so, on behalf of the entire company, I’m excited to share our hard work.

We had three key reasons for making these updates. 

  • Insights when you want them. We’ve now given people the ability to access their reports at any time and see continuously updating insights. Prior to this, our report was once-a-month and static. Now we’ve built the framework to begin delivering insights whenever it’s useful to our community of owners. 
  • Access to historical views. We know that viewing historical data is important to our EV owners, so we’ve started to provide more relevant timelines to our modules. Market Value Insights is the first module to receive an expanded view and allow you to look back 6 months in time. Charging Insights has also been revamped so owners can view how they charged their vehicle as recent as yesterday . 
  • Additional EV resources. Part of our mission is making it easier for people to own electric cars so we’ve added resources to the dashboard to help people learn. This should be especially valuable for people who are newer to owning an EV.

The layout changes also offer the extra benefit of making it easier to add new features in the coming months. We have some fun things planned for you!

Let’s Take A Tour Of The Updates

The biggest change this month is going from a static, point-in-time report to a dashboard that updates as things change. An owner can now check this report whenever they want, although we will continue to send a monthly reminder.

See your main trends at a glance

The top three modules rely on trends over time so we update them on the 1st of each month. 

Main EV dashboard

Average Market Value got the most updates. We expanded the historical range to encompass the past 6 months, rather than only 60 days. This gives you more context to understand how market trends are changing. This module also now includes the Sales Range, which is the range of market values (from low to high) that we saw in the previous month.

Dive Deeper With The Most Popular Insights

The Diving Deeper section is home to some of the most popular Recurrent modules, including a range comparison to similar vehicles, historical charging behavior, and range fluctuations in different temperatures. 

EV comparable range

The comparative range module (above to the left) has stayed the same, but as a reminder it shows how your vehicle’s range compares to other, similar vehicles. The exact grouping of cars that yours is compared to depends on the make, model, and year, but we normalize all the ranges so we can compare cars that don’t have the same exact EPA rated range. 

The charging module (above to the right) displays the average charge we’ve seen for your vehicle over the past 30 days and also visualizes each charging observation. The light blue dots represent charging events that stayed within our recommended charging zone, while the dark blue dots represent events that are outside our recommended charging zone. This data updates every day and, for people who are new to EV ownership, this module could be helpful to review each week. As a reminder, it’s OK to charge your battery outside of the recommended zone when and if needed, like longer road trips.

How does your EV range change

The temperature module (above to the right) shows how your vehicle range may change in cold or hot temperatures. We use your zip code to determine what these temperatures generally are in your area.

If you own a Tesla, you may see that as of today the range in this report does not fluctuate much in different temperatures. Actual range fluctuation in Teslas is something that we are actively exploring to be able to improve the community’s understanding of real-world Tesla range. Stay tuned!

Your Privacy Matters to Us 

We take privacy very seriously so we give you control of your vehicle information, like location and manufacture date. In order to get the most accurate stats on your car, these need to be kept current. If you move to a new city or see something that is incorrect, please let us know by looking for the “Contact Support” button in your dashboard or adjusting the details yourself where you can. 

Our team is committed to our users having a great experience - so we’d love to hear from you! . What do you like? What would you like to see? What problems are you experiencing that we could try to solve? Please use this form to share your feedback with our team.

We have a lot of exciting features and new modules under development so it’s a great time to tell us what else you would like from your EV dashboard.

Lastly, we're also looking for someone to lead our technical work with dealers and wholesale auctions. If that sounds like you or someone you know, please check out the Success Manager opening.

Thanks, as always, for driving electric!