Recurrent and AAA Washington Join Forces

Co-founder & CEO
December 23, 2020

Recurrent and AAA Washington Join Forces

I'm really excited to announce a new partnership for Recurrent. We're now working with AAA Washington to provide AAA's members who drive electric vehicles (EV) with personalized monthly battery reports.

This new service remotely monitors subscribers' EV battery health compared to other similar vehicles, alerting them to unusual wear and tear, offering personalized tips for battery longevity and eventually giving them the ability to sell their vehicles at a premium.

Right now, we're in invite-only mode for the service. If you are a AAA Washington member who's eligible, you'll get a email invitation in mid-January. If you're an EV driver interested in joining but not a AAA member, sign up for our waitlist here and we'll get you signed up when we have a spot.

More about the partnership

AAA Washington is a strategic investor in Recurrent, joining the investor consortium that came together in December for our seed funding. We were delighted at the chance to work with them, as an iconic brand in American driving, on how EVs will change the car ownership experience.

“AAA Washington has been focused on the electric vehicle market for quite some time, introducing our level-3 roadside charging truck prototype in 2013. As more of our members take advantage of the technological and environmental benefits of EVs, we continue to pursue new EV related membership benefits,” said Jim Ryan, Chief Innovation Officer, AAA Washington. “Our new partnership with Recurrent reflects our commitment to innovation for our members, and our investment in the future of EVs.”

Happy 2021, and happy (electric) motoring!

Scott Case

CEO, Recurrent