Recurrent Data Used in Partnership Between ADESA and AutoIMS

Co-founder & CEO
September 29, 2023

Recurrent Data Used in Partnership Between ADESA and AutoIMS

Recurrent is thrilled to partner with ADESA and AutoIMS to move the used electric car industry forward by providing critical information to commercial clients. This partnership allows clients to easily access essential information about electric vehicles, including Battery Score, Battery Health Score, and a timestamp for when the report was completed. 

ADESA’s advanced battery health scoring process, created in collaboration with Recurrent and AutoIMS, “sets a new industry standard,” said the company in a news release.

ADESA Auctions has been an industry leader when it comes to the used electric vehicle market, identifying the need to provide confidence and transparency about battery and range to their dealer customers. In 2022, they partnered with Recurrent to launch an EV battery feature for its auction vehicles, providing range information on ADESA’s vehicle detail pages. Through this partnership, ADESA’s clients saw a 7% increase in conversion and 3.6% in value retention on vehicles with Recurrent’s reports.

In order to make critical information about preowned electric vehicles even more accessible, ADESA has now teamed up with AutoIMS, a leading software platform that allows remarketers and auctions to communicate, manage, and exchange data effortlessly. Through this new partnership, ADESA will integrate Recurrent data into AutoIMS Software, which now includes five, new fields tailored to EVs. This will help both buyers and sellers at auction assess the value of a used EV based on industry-leading metrics. 

Recurrent co-founder and CEO Scott Case comments on the partnership,

“This accessible model empowers sellers to represent their EV battery performance accurately, a critical aspect of understanding a vehicle’s overall condition. Recurrent’s new integration with AutoIMS and our esteemed partner, ADESA, signifies our dedication to making used EV transactions more transparent.”