Recurrent Featured by Pitchbook and Other VC Analysts

September 16, 2021

Recurrent Featured by Pitchbook and Other VC Analysts

Two leading analysts of high-growth automotive and mobility companies have shared their excitement about Recurrent in recent weeks. 

Pitchbook highlighted Recurrent in the Mobility Tech Q2 2021 VC Update, a quarterly snapshot of the mobility innovation vertical. In addition to being one of four companies reviewed in detail, Recurrent was featured in the Battery Tech section. 

“Used EV battery health and range can vary widely, which makes selling used EVs more challenging. Battery monitoring systems can help address this problem. Recurrent provides independent, CARFAX-like reports on the health of used electric car batteries to dealerships and consumers. By leveraging a data-sharing fleet of over 5,000 electric vehicles, Recurrent has developed a machine learning model to statistically predict battery health and range for car dealers selling used EVs.”

Steve Greenfield, of Automotive Ventures, also included Recurrent in the September edition of Companies to Watch. Steve has been active in the auto technology space for 20 years, serving in key roles at TrueCar, AutoTrader, and Kelly Blue Book.

Recurrent featured by VC analysts

These acknowledgements come only a year after Recurrent added its first EV drivers to the platform. For more on the team and advisors responsible for this growth, visit the company page.