Are Electric Cars Driven Less than Gas Cars?


Electric cars are driven just as much as gas cars.

While some studies suggest electric vehicles are driven less than their gas-powered counterparts, others show EVs are driven as much, if not more, than gas cars. Based on Recurrent’s community data from over 18,000 vehicles, across all EV models, the average daily miles traveled was about 32 miles per day, which is almost identical to the average for gas cars.

Driving habits may account for a perceived difference in vehicle usage. In areas with limited charging infrastructure, EVs might only be used for short trips, especially older models with shorter range. Some multi-vehicle homes may keep an EV for local commutes and errands while using a gas car for longer trips. Range anxiety could lead drivers to be more cautious when traveling long distances. Fortunately, the average EV range has increased by 50% since 2016. Long-range EVs can travel hundreds of miles on a single charge. Most EV drivers only use between 8% and 16% of their vehicle’s range. Based on Recurrent’s findings, any difference in miles traveled between electric vehicles and gas cars will disappear as EVs become the norm.

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