Can Anyone Charge at a Tesla Supercharger?


In some cases, yes, you can charge your non-Tesla at a Tesla Supercharger.

There are 3 types of Tesla Superchargers:

1. Tesla-only Superchargers

2. Open-source Superchargers, which utilize a “Magic Dock” adapter that is provided at the charging post

3. NACS Superchargers, which can be accessed through an adapter. Future vehicles are expected to be NACS-equipped, whereas previous generation vehicles will require the purchase and use of an adapter.

As of March 2024, there are roughly 80 Magic Dock Superchargers available across the US, with the majority along the east and west coasts. Magic Dock installation began in early 2023, and progress has been fairly slow, likely related to the approval of NACS integration into future EVs. 

Currently, only Ford and Rivian have access to NACS Superchargers, with other manufacturers claiming access in the near future. GM, for instance, was expected to gain access to NACS Superchargers in early 2024, but failed to do so and no updated timing has been communicated. 

The Tesla app provides a platform to determine which sites are compatible with your specific EV, as does their interactive map of charging locations. 

It is important to note that while most Supercharger cables at NACS Supercharger sites should be able to reach the EV charge port, in some cases they will not. In this situation, it may require parking over the line in order to charge comfortably. The next generation of Tesla Superchargers (V4) addresses this issue.

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