It is difficult to look at those new Rivian camping accessories without some envy. The stove set and popup tent are definitely eye-catching. The good news, however, is that Mustang Mach-E owners are not without options. There’s no reason that we need to camp in the cold. 

It’s also worth noting that we are not being compensated for any of the products we mention. Perhaps that is a refreshing change in the age of influencers and affiliates. While we have not personally tested each gadget or tactic, all of the Mach-E camping tips have been collected for owners who have and we will link to those articles or forums along the way. 

Imagining Your Mach-E As A Camping Machine

While the Mach-E is a compact SUV, the operative word there is probably compact, at least when it comes to camping. If you plan to slumber without any add-ons or accessories, it means that there may not be a lot of room to toss and turn, especially if you have a +1. 

A forum member shared this photo of their room made for two. ​

Our first question was about length. People who were 5’9” and 5’11” and 6’0” all reported that this worked for them without feeling too cramped. Although, it is worth noting now that most of them used an accessory to fill the rear seat gap. That is an affordable purchase, but still a purchase that you will need to make depending on height. More on that in the next section. 

Mustang Camping Accessories

Filling the gap between the front and rear seats is the first step for people who want the extra room. I have also seen Mach-E campers push back the front seats to avoid losing their pillows in the footwell abyss. If you opt for the additional space, a travel footrest product like this was recommended because it can be inflated to fill a variety of shapes and sizes. 

A mattress is likely the next investment. For someone who has not camped in an SUV trunk since college, when mattresses would have been an unimaginable luxury, I was surprised to learn that there are a variety of options that are designed for vehicles. A quick web or Amazon search will find a number of manufacturers with products below $100. 

I can see it now: one half for me and my partner, the other half for our fully outstretched and greedy dog. It’ll be just like home. 

Tent Options for the Mach-E

This is another place that Mach-E owners will have to go generic, as I have not found a tent that is designed specifically for the Mustang. The Ford accessory website resells one of the options that looks like a vehicle backed into a tent. There are lots of options out there that look something like this. 

However, the advantage with this model is lots of space. It allows you to house additional campers or use the trunk for storage. One smart example of that in action would be closing the trunk so any food spends the night in the car rather than your tent. 

Other options are much more compact. This example is outlined in the same forum thread. 

There is something to be said for being self contained when car camping. It’s not any more functional, just seems more appropriate for some reason. Although, clearly, this would not be ideal for longer term lodging. 

It’s worth pointing out the window shades, too. It is a clever add-on for privacy and sleeping later than sunrise. 

Overnight Climate Control

For better or worse, EV idling has been a popular topic. While it is true that electric cars can maintain comfortable interior temperatures much longer than many drivers realize, it is also something that campers should fully understand. 

A number of forum members have reminded that early models of the Mach-E have not introduced camp mode, a feature that is notably available in Tesla vehicles. That does not mean it cannot be replicated. 

One savvy Mach-E owner created their own camp mode by following these steps. 

  • Start the car
  • Deactivate auto-off 30 min timer
  • Set the interior climate control to 66 degrees on auto 2
  • Dim the center screen with calm mode
  • Jump in the back and go to sleep

I have heard people say that keeping the car "on" and the screen “off” is a bit of a challenge. But there’s hope that the "don't turn off" update will solve that issue. 

Enough Range for Getting There and Back

Range is an unavoidable topic. It’s present in most EV conversations and especially topical when discussing road trips or being far from chargers. If you want to learn more about your car’s range in different conditions, check out our Mach-E guide.