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How soon are you selling? It pays to get a battery report

Tens of thousands of Tesla owners get a jump on selling their car by connecting it to Recurrent ahead of the sale. First off, it helps them keep an eye on their range from the time they purchase until the time they sell, giving them information about both their car's performance, and their asset. Secondly, having a record of a Tesla's range history generally helps sellers get a better price. Top auto auctions have published studies that vehicles with Recurrent Reports actually bump the value - on a $40,000 car, Recurrent Reports increase the price by an average of $1,400.

Want to get started with Recurrent Reports for your Tesla? The team of battery scientists at Recurrent will analyze your vehicle's state of charge (SoC) and expected range for a couple weeks by pinging vehicle telematics a few times per day. After gathering data, you'll have the tools you'll need sell your Tesla for a higher price.

All you need to do is authenticate and Recurrent does the rest.

Selling ASAP? No time to wait for a battery report

If you don't have 2-3 weeks to connect to the Recurrent platform, Recurrent can still help you get the best price for your Tesla. We can get you offers from EV specialists starting ASAP.

How it works: Recurrent sends your vehicle details to EV-expert dealerships that understand (and value!) electric cars. No spam, no chatbots, just offers.

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Check your EV battery adjusted value
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Keep in mind that we're real, live people, and that car dealerships generally work business hours. It'll be 24-48 hours before Recurrent receives and shares offers.

Does Your Car Have FSD or Other Tech?

Be sure to include details about Full Self Drive (FSD) or other technology features that are available with your car. If you spent money on it, there's a good chance that others may plus extra value on it, too.

Keep the Broader Market in Mind

Fluctuating new and used car volume has created a lot of market volatility in recent year. That's especially true for Tesla. We always recommend keeping the broader market in mind so your expectations are in line with your car's value.

Here's an article that may be helpful since Tesla tends to be more aggressive with price swings than many other manufacturers.

Chart outlining used Tesla prices from 2021 to 2024

Despite the fluctuating used car prices, if you can find the right buyer, now is a great time to sell your luxury Model S or Model X. We're pretty confident that we can help, so get started by adding your VIN below.

Check your EV battery adjusted value
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