Recurrent Enhanced Analytics Sample Report

While we can't predict what the sample report will exactly look like until we finish our first pilot program, we hope to provide you with these unique insights on your vehicle along with aggregated and anonymous comparisons with other participants. Expect the report to be even better than this!

Charging and Discharging

A summary of a participant's state of charge over the time during the program. Different charging rates are highlighted by different colors. *Note that for Nissan Leafs, charger type identity may be unidentifiable from the Geotab device.

Real Range Estimates Each Month

Based on your trips and data, a monthly estimate of real range at a full state of charge is determined. The average range and median (or middle of all estimates) range are charted over a few months. This sample graph shows a participant whose range is higher during warm months than cold months.

Real Range at 100% SOC

A histogram showing the distribution of achievable miles at 100% state of charge for trips taken by a participant's vehicle. The average and median real range from Figure 2 is determined from plots like these.

Estimating Useful Battery Capacity

By looking at discharging events or charging events, this graph can provide insight into the useful battery capacity of your vehicle. For example, this participant has a average useful battery capacity of 16.6 kWh. Through this and other analysis, together we will get a better picture of your battery health and useful capacity distribution.

Efficiency (miles per kWh)

This graph shows the miles per kWh collected for each data point plotted as a histogram, showing an average around the peak for the participant. This demonstrates that achievable efficiency for a vehicle isn't a fixed number and can vary greatly.

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