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Andrew Leonard

Customer Success Manager

Andrew Leonard is a Customer Success Manager for Recurrent.

As an electric vehicle owner since 2017, Andrew enjoys all the ins and outs of EV technology; he first got acquainted with Recurrent as a driver of a Recurrent-connected EV! Working at Recurrent allows Andrew to help educate people about EVs and advance battery science at the same time.

His prior work includes fields such as aerial surveying, public health, workforce development, and early literacy. Andrew hopes to see one of his other passions, aviation, become fully electrified in his lifetime. He holds a B.A. in Psychology and French from the University of California, Davis.

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Scott regularly contributes to articles on electric car trends, EV batteries, sustainable mobility and clean tech startups.

- Forbes
- TechCrunch
- Business Insider
- Car and Driver
- Green Car Reports
- InsideEVs
- Teslarati

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