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Recurrent uses EV analytics to help people find, drive and sell electric cars. Since odometers are not a leading indicator of vehicle performance or battery health, stakeholders from across the auto industry use Recurrent to be successful with EVs.

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Recurrent Products

Buyers can check the expected range, battery and tax credit eligibility on tens of thousands of used EVs for free on Recurrent’s site. These Recurrent Reports take a few vehicle-specific data points to compare one car to thousands of similar cars. You can see examples on Edmunds, or lots of other dealership sites. Participating dealerships (aka how Recurrent makes money) can take additional steps with Range Verification to score trade-ins or give their customers even more transparency when buying a used EV.

Drivers can connect their car for daily Owner Insights on range and vehicle performance, along with tips on how to maintain their EV and its battery. This community includes 20,000+ active vehicles of 60+ makes and models in all 50 states. These vehicles have logged more than 400M miles on the platform. Note: Individual battery data helps to train range degradation models for other EV owners, but is always aggregated to protect owner privacy. Additionally, sensitive vehicle information, like location data, is never collected or stored by Recurrent. 

Sellers use their Recurrent info to turn around and sell their car for more because they can show that the range and battery are in good shape – one independent study found that value increased by $1,400. This creates an exciting network where everyone wins: the individual owner makes more money, the dealerships pay Recurrent an introduction fee to top-quality cars (so Recurrent can keep products free for consumers) and the dealerships get a great car. 

Is Recurrent free?

Yes, Recurrent is free for individual drivers. We make money by allowing car dealerships and wholesale auctions to run bulk reports as they buy and sell used cars.

Why range vs battery health?

Battery health is a somewhat subjective concept that is often open to interpretation, whereas range is something that every driver can understand.

Recurrent Reports are not designed to definitively solve for battery health, which could require chemical testing in a lab and expensive onboard devices. Instead, Recurrent is used to answer the three most common question that we hear from EV buyers and owners:

Key Data

  • Founded in 2020
  • Over 20,000 connected vehicles from all 50 states of the US
  • 500 million recorded miles and growing each day
  • 21 employees with about half of the team in Greater Seattle
  • $250k National Science Foundation research grant recipient in 2021 and roughly $20 million in venture funding from ArcTern, Enertech, Goodyear Ventures, Hearst Ventures, Powerhouse Ventures, and more.