Recurrent Announces Advanced EV Battery Pilot Program

August 27, 2021

Recurrent Announces Advanced EV Battery Pilot Program

Recurrent received a $250,000 grant from the National Science Foundation in May to expand the breadth and depth of its R&D on EV battery degradation. In addition to developing the largest cross-manufacturer EV battery knowledge base, the grant also supports the creation of an advanced analytics program. 

This week we are excited to announce the new Enhanced Analytics Program. It is free for individual vehicle owners and allows each person to actively participate in cutting edge, high resolution EV data analysis. 

How It Works

Each approved participant receives an onboard device with instructions on how to plug it into their vehicle. The connected device studies battery performance at a granular level, storing hundreds of data points per day and uploading the information with its own cellular modem for analysis by the Recurrent battery science team. After 12 weeks, participants return the devices with pre-paid postage and get to keep the advanced analysis of their EV. 

“This program is creating an amazing amount of data on efficiency for individual EV owners and the broader EV community,” said Jon Witt, the program’s coordinator. “Our early tests have even shown surprising results with some of the most popular vehicle models, including from manufacturers that have built their brands on consistency and efficiency.”

The program’s analysis of efficiency is shared with participants through several reports and charts. Some of the most exciting data compares real range against rated range, detailed efficiency in miles per kilowatt hour, and charging and discharging performance by charge behavior. 

The Enhanced Analytics Program differs from our standard monthly EV reports in several ways. People who receive monthly reports are not required to install an onboard device. Recurrent can record several anonymous data points through most vehicle telematics, essentially automating the entire battery monitoring and reporting process. Recurrent also offers a one-time report for shoppers or older vehicles without telematics. 

Joining the First Cohort

The first cohort includes 50 Tesla Model 3 and 50 Nissan LEAF vehicles in the United States. Other vehicles will be added in the coming months so drivers of all EV makes and models can begin the process by creating a Recurrent account then requesting a device. Over 250 people have already expressed interest, but some spots are still available for Tesla and Nissan owners.