Can fast charging damage an EV battery?


We're not sure yet! Laboratory experiments suggest fast charging will degrade electric vehicle batteries more quickly than using a lower speed charger, but real-life studies (in-progress) show no difference in range degradation between EVs that frequently used fast charging and those that didn’t.

Even though we don't yet know the long term effect of fast charging, Recurrent recommends that it is best in moderation. That said, our cars are designed to serve our needs, not the other way around. EV batteries are built to last. Even if frequent fast charging may negatively affect your battery health, the effects may be minimal over many years.

But the fact remains that most EVs are still pretty young, so we’re not sure how fast charged batteries will age in the long run. So far, studies haven’t seen a drop in range associated with frequent DC fast charging. If you need to fast charge, go for it! Just try to avoid charging in extremes - extreme heat, extreme cold, or extreme state of charge, like 5% or 90%. Those conditions are more stressful for your battery and the extra stress of fast charging increases the risk of damage.

Finally, if you know you’re going to utilize frequent fast charging, consider choosing an electric car with an LFP battery, which is more resistant to voltage and heat related degradation.

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