Do All Electric Cars Use the Same Charger?


No, different electric cars use different chargers, but the industry is starting to standardize. 

The first difference to note is that for non-Tesla EVs, there are different chargers at fast charging stations than at home chargers. Home charging is Level 1 or Level 2 AC charging, while fast charging, or Level 3 charging, is DC charging. 

For non-Tesla AC charging, vehicles generally use a J-1772 plug. For DC fast charging, non-Tesla cars use a plug called CCS. Nissan uses a different plug for fast charging, called CHAdeMO, but it’s losing popularity and companies are moving away from it in favor of CCS or NACS.

NACS, or North American Charging Standard, is Tesla’s name for their connector and charge port. It refers to the charging hardware for all Teslas, as well as Tesla AC charging and DC charging. The plug combines AC and DC charging pins into a single unit. As of 2023, many other car manufacturers committed to changing over to the NACS plug in the coming years.

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