Does wheel size affect EV range?


Big wheels definitely reduce an EV’s range, but in exchange, you may see improved traction and handling.

Your tire size plays a significant role in determining comfort, handling, safety, and range. Generally, smaller tires offer greater range. If you're looking to optimize range, you want narrow tires with wider sidewalls, since they weigh less and require less energy to initiate motion. This is particularly true in stops and go traffic, where initiating motion uses up a lot of energy.

Nonetheless, many drivers prioritize the aesthetic appeal or functionality of larger tires, which offer improved comfort and stability. Wider tires provide enhanced handling due to increased contact area with the road surface. For winter or wet weather, drivers may prefer wider, larger tires to bolster traction.

Why do large tires reduce range?

Larger tires tend to diminish range because they are heavier, requiring more energy to move, and often possess greater width, resulting in heightened aerodynamic resistance at higher speeds. Additionally, a larger portion of the tire comes into contact with the road, further increasing rolling resistance.

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