Does A/C affect EV range?


Up until it's over 90 degrees F, running the A/C will not drastically affect an EV’s range, but operating in extreme temperatures can cause range loss.

The heating and cooling systems in an electric car do draw power from the EV battery, which does decrease range, but only slightly. EVs start to see range loss in temperatures above 80°F. Fortunately, drivers aren’t likely to notice as range loss stays below 5% until temperatures surpass 90°F. Running the A/C has less of an impact on range than heating the car. That said, EVs operating in 100°F weather also lose about 30% of their range. Whether hot or cold, the more energy you use to keep your car comfortable, the more range loss you will experience.

Keeping cool might not cost you much range, but operating your electric vehicle in hot climates could. Prolonged exposure to heat can speed up battery degradation. Research from Recurrent showed EVs operated in hot climates had lower range scores than EVs in cold climates. Practicing good storage and charging habits can prolong the life of the EV battery.

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