How do I protect my EV battery from heat?


You can protect your EV battery from heat by reducing exposure to high temperatures, preconditioning your car, limiting your use of fast charging, and only charging above 80% if you really need to.

All batteries produce some amount of heat as a byproduct of the chemical reactions happening within them. Excess heat can cause batteries to age prematurely and lose function. This is why EVs have Battery Management Systems (BMS) to help maintain safe operating temperatures. Leaving your EV in extreme heat, especially for a prolonged period of time, can cause the battery to lose performance, battery capacity, and lifespan.

There are several steps you can take to protect your battery from heat damage. You can precondition your car while it’s plugged-in to avoid straining the battery. Driving at modest speeds, with gradual acceleration and deceleration, also helps prevent the battery from heating up. Keep your EV between 20% and 80% charge when possible to limit internal resistance inside the battery. Finally, faster charging means hotter charging. Try to keep fast charging occasional and stick to lower charging currents when possible. With the proper care, EV batteries can last a long time.

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