If you can get your hands on a Mustang Mach-E – the 2022 model-year sold out in April and the 2023 has a months-long wait – you can make the sleek, all-electric SUV your own with an accessory aftermarket that is already established and well-stocked. The Mach-E is a beauty and a beast, but some accessories might make you fawn over it even more, elevating your user experience and preserving that feeling of novelty and excitement.

For a new entrant, the Mach-E is already inspiring quite a lot of car accessory makers, with more of them throwing their hat into the ring every day. We’ll be showcasing the best of these accessories.

We’ll look at five different categories of accessories: vehicle add-ons, charging accessories, essential drivers accessories, camping accessories, and pet and cargo accessories.

Let’s roll.

Vehicle Add-Ons

This is usually the first type of accessory that new car owners go for. Our top picks here are a screen protector and seat cushions.

1. Screen Protector

Want that pristine sheen on your dashboard display to last forever? Spoiler alert: that won’t be possible. But you can extend the lifespan of your screen by using a screen protector.

A premium example like this one from Tesmanian comes with high-grade tempered glass and anti-scratch, shatter-proof qualities. They’ll keep your control panel clean and crisp no matter how much your kids are jumping around in the car. Plus, they’re easy to install and fit like a glove on your screen. And they’re designed to be free from bubbles, glare or blurry displays.

Another one that gets rave reviews on the forums is this anti-glare, self-repairing screen from theOCDplug.com. They include an installation kit to ensure alignment. 

PS - drivers seem to favor “matte” screen protectors.  

2. Back Pillow and Seat Cushion

Elevate your interior comfort with back pillows and seat cushions like these from Tesmanian. Their ergonomic design cups up your lumbar and neck with maximum support, and the non-slip rubber bottom keeps you from sliding around. The 100% natural latex foam and cooling gel composition means they’re healthy and eco-friendly. If spine discomfort is your abiding companion during long road trips, or if you’re dealing with chronic pains from an accident or poor working posture, these could help you start a new adventure in traveling comfort.  

On the other hand, if you’re looking to protect your seats from water and damage, drivers love Wet Okole’s neoprene covers. 

Mach-E Charging Accessories

Your Mustang Mach-E comes with a great mobile charging cord that can be used for 120V or 240 V charging. 

Ford mobile charging cord image
image from Ford.com

It will charge from 10% – 80% overnight with the included 240 volts at 30 amps. While many drivers’ needs are met with 30 amp charging, the Mach-E can charge up to 48 amps. If you need that speed, here are our best accessories for faster home charging:

3.      Charging with High Amperage

Higher amperage means faster charging, so you may want to splurge on Ford’s Ford Connected Charge Station. This comes with a cord that is rated for the higher amperage. 

Image of Ford Connected Charging on a grey wall
Image from Ford.com

However, if you already have a wall charger, such as the JuiceBox or ChargePoint setup, you can also use that. Just make sure it can deliver the amperage you’re expecting, as some max out at 40 amps. If you have a Tesla charger installed, an adapter will be necessary to use it. The circuit breaker and the wiring where your home charger is set up also need to be higher than the amperage drawn by the charging cable to prevent overheating. A licensed electrician can help ensure your setup is safe.  

Essential Driver Accessories

Accessory makers on Esty and other platforms are giving Ford’s official merch store a good run for their money. The most interesting picks - and obviously the ones we consider essential:

4. A disco ball for your car 

This one is full of kitsch but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Evannex’s fun add-on. Technically, it works in any EV, but with the Mach-E, it’s a whole vibe.

In-car disco ball image from manufacturer's site
image from https://evannex.com/collections/accessories-for-ford-mach-e/products/usb-disco-ball

5. Mach-E gears

Etsy creators have their Mach-E gear designs all over the place, from round-neck shirts to Christmas sweaters. This one in particular might make your love for EVs the talk of holiday gatherings.

Christmas sweater in navy blue with a Mach-E image on it
image from https://www.etsy.com/listing/758507111/ford-mustang-mach-e-ugly-christmas

6. Protect your windshield

Also, you may want to consider sunshades for the glass top as permanent fixtures on your dashboard, both for UV and heat blockage. You’ll find plenty of cool options on Tesmanian. Alternatively, if you’re deep in winter, AOSK makes Mach-E specific accessories, including a winter snow guard for your windshield. It comes with magnets to hold it in place and anti-theft elements. 

7. Jack and Tire Repair Kit

The lack of a spare tire and repair accessories in your Mach-E can leave you exposed during emergencies. But this portable, all-inclusive tire repair kit from Modern Spare has you covered. It has all the tools and accessories you need to quickly replace a blown or flat tire.

It comes with an 81-mph-rated tire fitted on an 18x4-inch aluminum alloy wheel, a 4,000-pound scissor jack and a lug wrench that telescopes from 14 to 21 inches. 

Camping Tools

While Mach-E doesn’t boast the best camping fittings among EVs, it does have plenty to offer. As we’ve shown in this review of Mach-E camping gear, a good selection of quality accessories is available to enhance your camping experience.

8.  Tent Options

There seem to be no custom-designed tents for Mach-E yet, but there are many good generic options to choose from. Ford’s official merch shop has plenty of these, especially those providing lots of extra space in the trunk. One tent that was recommended on a Mach-E forum is the Napier Sportz SUV tent (available on Best Buy)

There are other, more compact options but they’re less ideal for long-term camping compared to the bigger ones.

To block prying eyes and unwanted sunlight, consider a tent with window shades.

9. Turning Off Automatic Shutoff

Not really an accessory, but this tip may feel like one if you’re camping in the late summer or winter: your Mach-E’s automatic shut off will turn off all climate control if it’s not disabled. You wouldn’t want to wake up all drenched in sweat because your Mach automatically turned off your climate control 30 minutes into your late August slumber.

To deactivate automatic shutoff, go to your Vehicle Power Down Timer Menu, then turn off the Auto-Off option. One nagging issue with this setting is that it resets with every ignition, so you’ll have to go back and do it all over again every time.

Accessories for Dogs and Pets

If you love taking road trips with your pet, you shouldn’t go without pet accessories like pet seat covers, cargo nets and rubber mats.

10.  Pet Seat Covers

Good seat covers keep your pet’s droppings and muddy paws off your interior while keeping Rover comfortable and relaxed. Installation should be super-easy with zippered ends and stout cover hooks that hinge into a sturdy position that’s quite tough for your dog to take down.

Dog in the backseat of a car with a seat cover

This seat cover from Tesmanian is water- and stain-resistant but also breathable and anti-slip. It’s also easily retractable - you can fold it out as a full canopy, or cover only the front seats or back seats. The transparent mesh and non-slip rubber bottom are washing-machine friendly, making for easy cleaning.

Another option is this highly rated AOSK one, found on Amazon

11. Cargo Nets and Rubber Mats

You can also use cargo nets and rubber mats to preserve your interior not just from your pet, but your gardening equipment, groceries and other supplies. This product from Amazon comes with multiple retractable compartments that lets you keep your car unscratched and well-organized. The anti-slip texture keeps your groceries and supplies from sliding and spilling over, minimizing the risk of scratching or staining your interior.