While so much has already been written about new EV credits, we’ve been getting a lot of questions from used car stakeholders. So this session exclusively covers the used EV tax credit, and the requirements on both vehicles and their buyers.

It maybe shouldn’t be a surprise that the 700-page Inflation Reduction Act is confusing at times. Some parts lack clarity and others rely on systems that don’t exist yet. But one thing that is clear: car dealerships play a critical role in the process.

Tax Credit Briefing #1

We've designed a series, lead by two EV experts, to help car dealerships and everyone in the auto industry prepare for used car tax credits.

  • Liz is a mathematician and atmospheric scientist by training and, at Recurrent, is heading up our regulatory affairs on tax credits.
  • Scott is Recurrent’s co-founder and CEO, and you’ve likely heard from him at some point, whether at a conference, or podcast, or webinar, as he’s become a trusted guide on EV adoption in the US.

Here is a recording of the first briefing. If you would like a copy of the slides, you can download them here.

Briefing #2

The next tax credit briefing is scheduled for October 13th. You can sign up to attend here.