“Does Recurrent have a mobile app?”

“Where can I download your app?”

“Is your app in the iTunes store?”

We have an informal bet among our team members about when we’ll make a Recurrent mobile app; every time we get a request, our Head of Marketing puts one coin in the “make an app” jar. 

So why don’t we have one? 

For EV owners, once your vehicle is connected to us, most of what we send you is read-only. Adding/removing a vehicle from Recurrent is an infrequent process, as is updating your manufacture date. The reports we offer are simpler to provide (and consume) via a mobile-responsive webpage than in an app that requires its own updates.

In terms of the driver experience, our website features are optimized to be viewed and handled in your native web browser on your phone, independent of the operating system, software version, or browser type. 

If you frequently visit Recurrent, we recommend bookmarking the Recurrent Dashboard and then creating a home screen icon for easy access. Functionally, it’s no no different from an app – and takes up less space on your device! Check out this quick video to see how to add a desktop app to your iPhone. You can do the same thing on an Android device, too. 

However, when our functionality expands to a point where an app would improve the experience our team will revisit this. But, we’re a small team – only 20 people – so our priority is improving our algorithms, increasing the accuracy of our data, and getting more drivers into EVs. 

We are always listening to feedback for ways to improve Recurrent. If you have ideas for us to consider, don’t hesitate to reach out at support@recurrentauto.com