Selling Your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y for Top Dollar

For a Tesla, it's all about the battery.
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Over 20,000 drivers monitor their Tesla by connecting to Recurrent. Leading auto auctions have found that vehicles with Recurrent Reports increase the value by an average of $1,400.

How it works: Recurrent checks your car's state of charge and range every day. After two weeks, we typically have enough information to give you the tools you need to increase your resale price with a Battery Adjusted Value.

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If you're looking to sell soon and you don't have time to connect to Recurrent (see above), then use this form to check offers from EV experts. Recurrent partners with dealerships that understand (and value!) electric cars across the country. No spam, no chatbots, just offers.

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By the way, since dealerships tend to work business hours, it may take a day or two collect offers for your car. As soon as we hear from them, you'll hear from us!

Understanding Battery Adjusted Value

Dealerships that partner with Recurrent factor in a Battery Adjusted Value - a special premium based on the expected condition and longevity of your battery. Since the range of nearly all the vehicles we see are better than expected, the Battery Adjusted Value adds to the resale price for most sellers.

A good battery is good news for you and the person buying your car!

Understand How Tesla Fits into the Used EV Market

Used Tesla prices did something weird between 2020 and 2022: they appreciated, or increased, in value, because supply was limited and demand was high. But since then, the prices for used Teslas has fallen, often faster than many owners realize.

Here is a chart from Recurrent's quarterly EV Market Report.

Chart outlining used Tesla prices from 2021 to 2024

Why Dealerships Love Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Tesla's Model 3 was actually our pick for the Best Used EV of 2024 because falling prices made it one of the few 250-mile cars that is eligible for a used EV tax credit. That creates an excellent opportunity for people shopping for their first EV.

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