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Liz Najman

Content Marketing Manager

Liz is a mathematician who loves hiking, weight lifting, and face-meltingly spicy food. After a varied career in communications and project management, she went back to school to become a scientist and help advance solutions to the climate crisis.

Liz holds a MS in Atmospheric Science from Stony Brook University with a focus on climate modeling and stochastic parameterization. Since graduating in 2019, she has focused on the intersection of climate science and policy, climate mitigation strategies, and distributed energy systems. Liz manages content marketing for Recurrent and heads up regulatory affairs.

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Scott regularly contributes to articles on electric car trends, EV batteries, sustainable mobility and clean tech startups.

- Forbes
- TechCrunch
- Business Insider
- Car and Driver
- Green Car Reports
- InsideEVs
- Teslarati

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