No matter what may be said about EV adoption in early 2024, one thing is for sure: used electric vehicles are having their moment in the spotlight. They combine the cool tech and long range of a modern EV with affordable prices and lots of bargains. As the used market grows, there are increasingly more options for prospective buyers. Interest for used EVs is reportedly up 45% on and 39% on TrueCar this year.

However, access to used electric cars varies greatly by state. 

The availability of quality used EVs can range from near zero to thousands of options – at every price point – depending on where you live. Similarly, state-by-state pricing can fluctuate dramatically. A 2019 Tesla Model 3 can be $8,000 more expensive in one state than its neighbor. 

But pricing is only part of what makes a state a good place to buy an EV. Other factors include the variety of models available and statewide incentives to make it easier - and cheaper - to get that EV. 

Recurrent looked at these factors to determine the best and worst states to buy a used electric car. 

It's not included on this list, but there's no surprise that California remains the leader in electric vehicle adoption, and this extends to the used EV market as well. With robust incentives, a comprehensive charging network, and a wide selection of used electric cars, California offers a favorable environment for EV buyers. The state's Clean Vehicle Rebate Program and the availability of HOV lane access further sweeten the deal.

But what about less obvious states that are also leading the way for used EV shoppers?

Best EV States
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Minnesota
Worst EV States
  • West Virginia
  • Arkansas
  • Maine
  • Louisiana
  • Alaksa

For comparison, the national average for used EV price is $33,866 with a selection of 15 different models.

Best States to Buy a Used Electric Car

  • Washington 
  • Virginia
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut 
  • Minnesota


Washington sets itself apart with used EV prices that are 10% cheaper than the national average and vehicle variety that is 70 percent better than average. The average used EV price is $30,785 with a selection of 32 different EV models. Regional incentives include:

“More than 40% of our members who responded to our EV survey last year said that they are considering an EV as their next car,” said Laura Ray, VP of corporate affairs and ESG with AAA Washington. “Of those respondents, high cost was cited as the number one reason preventing Washington drivers from getting an EV. Recurrent’s research reveals the robust used EV market in our state, providing a great solution for Washingtonians on the cusp of electrification.”


Washington used EV prices are nearly 10% cheaper than the national average and vehicle variety is almost as high as Washington State. The average used EV price is $30,495 with 29 different EV models available. Local incentives include:


Colorado offers a compelling alternative for used EV shoppers with an average used EV price of just $31,107, noticeably lower than the national average. The state also features a variety of 22 different EV models on the market today.

Incentives and laws on the books


Used EV market conditions in Connecticut are roughly the same as the national average - $33,886 and 15 different options available. However, unlike most of the nation, Connecticut features excellent incentives for EV buyers.


Don't sleep on Minnesota as an EV state. The average used EV price is $31,987, which is below the national average, and offers a variety of 15 EV models. The state also offers a unique spread of EV incentives. Here's a selection of them.

Worst States to Buy a Used EV (Right Now)

It’s not that we don’t love our driver and dealership friends in these states, but their used EV markets don’t make it easy for shoppers. Whether it’s a high average price, the variety of vehicles in inventory, or legislation that isn’t exactly inspiring new EV owners, these states have room for improvement. 

  • West Virginia - While the average price of a used EV in West Virginia - $30,132 - is below the national average, the selection of models is what lands this state on this list. While we love the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, used EV shoppers may be looking for a hatchback, a sedan, a fully electric model…or anything else!
  • Arkansas - Like in West Virginia, the average used EV price in Arkansas is just about $30K, but there are slim pickings in terms of variety. There are also no utility or state level rebates or purchase incentives for electric vehicles. 
  • Maine - While Maine has some pretty awesome state level incentives (plus extra support for income restricted families) to help EV shoppers, they are likely to need the help. That’s because Maine has a pretty high average cost for a used EV, coming in $6K above the national average. Plus, there is limited variety in the state’s inventory.
  • Louisiana - The average price of a used EV in Louisiana is high. Not as high as the price in Maine, but $3K above the national average. The vehicle selection is subpar, and state support is lacking.
  • Alaska - We love our EV friends in Alaska (and all their cool data on cold weather performance) but when it comes to the used EV market, Alaska is left out in the cold. The average listing price is nearly double that of the national average, and there is not a lot of inventory to be found.

Thankfully, we live in an age where you can shop and buy cars across the country. Many dealerships even offer shipping and delivery prices on their site. This means that if you live in one of these states, consider buying out of state. Just remember that the state you register in will matter for things like paying sales tax, and those dreaded registration fees. 

About our data

Current pricing and inventory data comes from 50,000+ online listings. Data on state and local incentives is compiled by the US Department of Energy on the Alternative Fuels Data Center site