Overall, Tesla.com sells more used Teslas than any other single retailer, overall 12.6% of the market, but looking at used sales data by model, the story is more complicated.

Tesla Model 3 vs Model S sales by dealer

Tesla.com is by far the biggest player for used Model S sales, representing 13.1% of used sales in the last 90 days. That’s over twice the sales volume of the next highest volume seller, Vroom.

However, Tesla.com does not dominate used sales for the Model 3 in the same way, and in fact is behind Carvana in market share of used Model 3 sales. One key difference is average price: the average used Model 3 price on Tesla.com is $8,000 higher than every other retailer, driven primarily by Tesla’s decision to bundle full-self driving (FSD) capability on every used Model 3 they sell. On specific model years, this average price gap can be as high as $12,000.

While the average Model S price gap between Tesla.com and all other retailers is almost $10,000, this is driven by a relatively small number of premium configuration builds (e.g. ludicrous mode) that makes it difficult to compare apples to apples. When comparing the same model year, the price gap averages anywhere between $1,700 - $12,000, depending on available configurations.

“Since you always have the option to subscribe to FSD or buy it outright, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for this price difference to exist, but clearly some people are willing to pay a premium to buy direct from Tesla,” said Scott Case, Recurrent CEO. “If you don’t want FSD at all, you should definitely look elsewhere for a more affordable used Model 3.”